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WTF: What’s that Food? My Convenient Nutritional Shake

In an attempt to examine some of the foods I have been eating, I came across an issue with a prepackaged nutritional shake that I have been taking to work with me for convenience. The label is packed full of... Continue Reading →

Chapter One – Parade Day (Flight of the Cicadas)

“Mom, there’s something wrong.” The alarm in my tone caught her attention. Before I could go further, I saw the mass diving toward the street. “Run.” That’s all I could say before a hellish nightmare descended on the crowd.

The Taking, Scene 1 of Instilled Perceptions

A small girl with fluffy blond curls was gripping her mother’s ankle picking pieces of white lint off of the Berber carpet with her free hand. With precision, she placed the lint in a small pile between her mother’s feet. The mother, a small framed woman with matching blond curls, was gently rubbing the girl’s head beneath the table, a tender, loving gesture.

WTF? Beginning My Research: The Quest For Food

In the aftermath of some research I have been doing on safe, nontoxic foods and food storage, I walked through the local get it all store in a virtual fog. It seemed that suddenly everything I looked at was marked... Continue Reading →

WTF? What’s That Food?

Convenience is part of my life as well, but if not for me, then for our children's sake. Ultimately, choosing safer alternatives forces businesses dealing in food to change to meet consumer demands.

The Flight of the Cicadas, Preface

The flip side of this dystopian trend includes a gravitation toward hope, strength of spirit, love of our fellow man, and taking on a more optimistic view of the world around us despite the negativity that we are assaulted by.

Another Ruined Dress (excerpt from Blue Angel)

Blood was dripping down my left arm in long, winding streams.  Pain seared and pulsed. A large burley man lunged at me, a low growl escaping from his throat.  Wish he hadn’t done that. I could actually see the rotting... Continue Reading →

The Farm

When someone says the word country my mind reaches back in time to the summer of 1978.  I can feel the soft wetness of the mulberries beneath my feet, hear the sweet sounds of a baby calf I watched being... Continue Reading →

Helena & Max (excerpt from Flight of the Cicadas)

Helena knew what was in his hand. He’d called it her pet project. He had humored her desire to do the research until she found something that threatened to insight public panic. Her findings were met with skepticism and also was a blow to his ego. Helena had studied people all her life and had sized Max up as part narcissist, part asshole years ago, but he also happened to be one of the best in his field.

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