Kentucky Education Technology

I was asked to read the following presentation (Click here or download it at the end of this document), and I was asked to identify key elements I see as vital to my definition of Instructional Technology Leadership. I hope that I will be forgiven for my wordiness in this instance. As I read through... Continue Reading →

Information Ecologies: Chapter 9

In Nardi and O’Day’s (1999) Chapter 9 discussion, they discuss cultivating “gardeners”. I can’t help but immediately comment that while I may not have seen metaphorical fireworks when the authors used “system” in Chapter 3, their use of “gardener” was quite the metaphor.  A term borrowed from Computer Aided Designer (CAD), “gardener” serves as an... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School

Greetings! It's taken a while for me to get to the chapters, but I'm enjoying learning about "The Self-Organizing School" and the thoughtful planning and research that was put into the project. Rather than write all about the chapter, I played with Piktochart to help me. When you have a look, I made an attempt... Continue Reading →

Vygotsky & Instructional Technology Leadership

Instructional Technology Leadership Instructional technology leadership within the realm of a system (such as community or 4-year college) is the institutional and individual commitment to enhancing students’ instruction by helping to facilitate growth among teachers/professors/lecturers in their ability to effectively utilize technological tools for teaching. It includes a commitment to implementing and updating technological tools... Continue Reading →

Creativity & Critical Thinking: Change is a Must!

Ignorance of local and global issues has become a generational norm as our society has become dependent on a substandard school system as a means of free childcare and what parents believe to be sufficient education for their children to experience personal success and to increase their ability to significantly contribute to society.

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