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The Self-Organizing School

Greetings! It's taken a while for me to get to the chapters, but I'm enjoying learning about "The Self-Organizing School" and the thoughtful planning and research that was put into the project. Rather than write all about the chapter, I... Continue Reading →

Nardi & O’Day – Information Ecology & Text as a Tool (Chapter 3)

Nardi and O'Day (1999/2000) discuss text as a tool to use for enhancing the learning experience for learners. The following PowerPoint discussed using text as a tool for learning. There is a larger project that was developed on information ecologies.... Continue Reading →

Nardi & O’Day – Information Ecology & Homegrown Experts

In Nardi and O’Day’s (1999/2000) Chapter 9 discussion, they discuss cultivating “gardeners”. I can’t help but immediately comment that while I may not have seen metaphorical fireworks when the authors used “system” in Chapter 3, their use of “gardener” was... Continue Reading →

Vygotsky & Instructional Technology Leadership

Instructional Technology Leadership Instructional technology leadership within the realm of a system (such as community or 4-year college) is the institutional and individual commitment to enhancing students’ instruction by helping to facilitate growth among teachers/professors/lecturers in their ability to effectively... Continue Reading →

A Few Examples of Freelance Work (More are available on request!)

The following examples of freelance work were done according to the employer's guidelines. Please feel free to contact me via my contact page for more examples of work or to hire me. Click here to go to the contact page.... Continue Reading →

Creativity & Critical Thinking: Change is a Must!

Ignorance of local and global issues has become a generational norm as our society has become dependent on a substandard school system as a means of free childcare and what parents believe to be sufficient education for their children to experience personal success and to increase their ability to significantly contribute to society.

Positive Preparedness (+P) Philosophy

*This was co-written with my husband, Stephen. He deserves the primary credit including the overall concept.* The +P approach to preparedness is a holistic approach to preparation through self-development. Self-Improvement Self-improvement in the +P philosophy is no different than in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5 – Flight of the Cicadas

The scene could only be described as a swarm of people. Midge studied the swarm that seemed to be circling something in the center of its mass. She noticed a figure emerging from the mass. It was a tall, beautiful woman standing at the center of the storm of people.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I told a friend once that I value honesty above all else. I was, after all, in my twenties at the time and reveling in my own perfection. Without hesitation, my friend promptly told me that everyone lies.

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