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This page is intended to provide education on a variety of topics. I have a passion for research and writing, so feel confident that most of the information I post comes from research that I deem credible (the author is qualified to write it) and valid (true based on verifying information in other sources). While the information in this area is rooted in research, I would be remiss if I claimed that the topics presented here are completely objective. As an educator, I do my best to be objective when writing on a topic that I believe needs attention. However, I do not in any way claim to be a completely objective eye. After all, I’m human. 

Please note that topics may range from the details of effective writing to social injustices. Those are my passions, so that should be expected. Since I firmly embrace diversity and completely detest injustice, you might want to steer clear of related topics if you feel you are unable to read without cursing internally or externally (at the computer and thus me).

Education Topics

Vygotsky & Instructional Technology Leadership -This article discusses a Vygotsky-informed definition for instructional technology leadership and the importance of developing a definition in and organization.

Nardi & O’Day – Information Ecology & Homegrown Experts – In this short article, information technology experts (co-workers helping co-workers) is discussed in the context of the “gardener.”

Nardi & O’Day – Information Ecology & Text as a Tool (Chapter 3) 
This link will take you to a Powerpoint developed on the above topic.

Writing Topics

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Social Issues

Child Abuse and Neglect: Definitions and CAPTA Overview

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