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Jackie Gibbons is a writer, editor, researcher, and educator. She is currently a college-level English instructor at Western Kentucky University and Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College.  She has spoken to groups inside and outside the college setting on a variety of topics including creative writing, research writing, essay writing, business writing, formatting college-level papers, creative curriculum in the college classroom, building leadership in the college classroom, as well others.

Jackie has written content for and/or edited projects for over 30 businesses (some on a regular basis), multiple contractors through iWriter, Verblio, and others. Her passion is to help businesses and individuals present their best content through professional writing services and superior editing services. 


Jackie earned her Bachelor of Arts in sociology and government with a minor in criminology from Western Kentucky University. Even during her undergraduate work, Jackie was devoted to research and writing. Projects included: poverty levels and child removal rates, addiction relapse prevention, effective parenting interventions, using rubrics in the classroom, and entrepreneurship development. In addition to work and personal projects, during her time helping families improve their lives, she began blogging about educational and business topics as well as sociological issues.

Jackie went on to earn her Master of Arts focusing on education and English from Western Kentucky University (some classes were taken at Morehead). She also earned an Information Technology degree from Elizabethtown Community and Technical College to complement her passion for writing. After earning her degrees, she began teaching between two colleges as an online/classroom English, First Year Experience, Reading, and Leadership instructor. She continued her personal writing and has now been writing content and editing content for others for over 10 years.

Jackie believes in self-development to help her improve her skills so she can better serve businesses and individuals. Working on her doctoral program in educational leadership with a focus on organizations is evidence of her passion for learning. During the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Western Kentucky University, she has continued to develop her knowledge of education and organizational needs.

Experience Overview

Over the years, the focus of Jackie’s writing and research has revolved around a wide variety of topics from academic to business writing (and editing). Specific personal writing projects have ranged from writing a personal memoir to creating a high school leadership mentoring program curriculum. Creative writing projects have included a variety of short stories, flash fiction, and a futuristic novel named Flight of the Cicadas.

Jackie has written content for and/or edited projects for over 30 businesses and over 15 individuals. Her passion is to help businesses and individuals present their best content through professional writing services and superior editing services. 

Recent Testimonials

“Mrs. Gibbons is professional and gets the work done right. She handled my web content and did a great job.” – Jack Markwell, CEO

“Take it from me. You need her if you struggle with writing or just need her to make adjustments to something that you wrote.” – Jasmine

Freelance Work – Examples of Work

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Current Projects

Writing Made Easy a video series that provides instruction in a variety of areas including: beginning/advanced fiction, nonfiction, and wscript writing. Additionally, it focuses on/will focus on essay writing, paper formatting, planning and organization of writing projects, research techniques, and a few other topics.

Curriculum Development – an ongoing project to develop curriculum for schools, individuals, and other clients. More examples are forthcoming.

Past Projects

Jackie’s list of published work includes:

Me and My Apple (Illustrated by Joetta Harlow Kelly) – distributed to schools and community organizations. There is also a version with French and Spanish translations.

Don’t Prep. Prepare: A Realistic Guide to Preparing for Emergencies

Homeschooling: Socialization in a Homeschool Environment

How to Become a Great Leader Through Communication, Motivation, & Influence

Flight of the Cicadas – a futuristic story about man’s gradual decline and the heroines and heroes who try to save the world.

Book 1: Me and My Apple Tree – This book is a children’s book focusing on a child who grows up with a tree he planted. It shows how things change while teaching how to plant seeds in the ground.

Me and My Apple Tree

Book 2: Homeschooling- This book explores socialization in a home school environment.

Second Edition will Include Curriculum Information

Book 3: Preparation – This book was a joint endeavor with my wonderful husband. It discusses how to be prepared in emergency situations.


Book 4: Leadership-I won’t tell you that this this is the best book that I have written. It was one of my first endeavors. The book covers several basics of great leadership.

In the process of developing an extended version.

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