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A Few Examples of Freelance Work (More are available on request!)

The following examples of freelance work were done according to the employer's guidelines. Please feel free to contact me via my contact page for more examples of work or to hire me. Click here to go to the contact page.... Continue Reading →

Positive Preparedness (+P) Philosophy

*This was co-written with my husband, Stephen. He deserves the primary credit including the overall concept.* The +P approach to preparedness is a holistic approach to preparation through self-development. Self-Improvement Self-improvement in the +P philosophy is no different than in... Continue Reading →

Another Ruined Dress (excerpt from Blue Angel)

Blood was dripping down my left arm in long, winding streams.  Pain seared and pulsed. A large burly man lunged at me, a low growl escaping from his throat.  Wish he hadn’t done that. I could actually see the rotting... Continue Reading →

The Farm

When someone says the word country my mind reaches back in time to the summer of 1978.  I can feel the soft wetness of the mulberries beneath my feet, hear the sweet sounds of a baby calf I watched being... Continue Reading →

Helena & Max (excerpt from Flight of the Cicadas)

Helena knew what was in his hand. He’d called it her pet project. He had humored her desire to do the research until she found something that threatened to insight public panic. Her findings were met with skepticism and also was a blow to his ego. Helena had studied people all her life and had sized Max up as part narcissist, part asshole years ago, but he also happened to be one of the best in his field.

A Letter From Mom

When you would have bad dreams, I’d tip toe into your room and rub your soft blond hair until you calmed down. Eventually, you stopped having those dreams, but you seemed to hold onto a small bit of sadness as you grew up.

The Widow Maker (excerpt)

Sadie noticed his eyes drift to her chest and took a deep breath pushing her breasts forward as she slowly pulled her strap up on her dress, doing it slowly, deliberately. She saw his eyes follow the motion of her arm as she moved the strap. Her smile was inviting. She wondered if he was having sexual fantasies about her. She hoped so. After all, she had plenty of fantasies, but she was taught that a lady never lets on about such things.

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