What’s That Food? Defining Bread

Lately, bread has been on my mind. After all, most households have a loaf or even loaves of white bread, wheat bread, whole grain bread or some other type of bread for sandwiches or sides. My family keeps a stock of bread most of the time. The government agency that oversees children's dietary health in schools requires my daughter's school to put "wheat bread" on the list of required lunch items for the children. So, our dedication to bread expands further than the home front.

WTF? What’s That Food? Nuts!

Oh, Nuts! In my quest for knowledge about the food my family eats and my sincere desire to share that information in hopes that it might help others, I have come across many things that are on our table that we believe to be healthy. Several years ago, I consulted with a doctor about the... Continue Reading →

WTF? What’s That Food? My Diet Soda

My love and eventual disappointment in diet sodas inspired this article. This information is intended to help other diet drink lovers to make an educated choice to drink or not to drink. Where It Began The history that I found on diet sodas was lengthy. As one might suspect, diet sodas began to emerge beginning... Continue Reading →

WTF? What’s That Food?

Convenience is part of my life as well, but if not for me, then for our children's sake. Ultimately, choosing safer alternatives forces businesses dealing in food to change to meet consumer demands.

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