Be Objective

The language that people typically use on a daily basis tends to be subjective, which is riddled with opinions and based primarily on a value system or personal preference. Although it is possible for an opinion to be based on evidence, opinions tend to lack strong verifiable support. As a college instructor, one of my... Continue Reading →

Just Me

If you ask me who I am, I'd say, "just Jackie" - I begin with a name. A name that is a person who is a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a leader, and a fierce defender of those who cannot or will not defend themselves. If you ask me who I am,... Continue Reading →

Instructional Design Project

The following Prezi presentation is intended to reflect an instructional design plan to address the professional learning needs of a target audience related to a specific work context. An instructional design model was chosen and used with a work ecology, outcomes, sustainable practices, how the approach addresses the learning need, how the current knowledge is... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School: A Case Discussion

A Spanish-language class focused on teaching grammar concepts had students teaching each other the language skills in collaborative groups. According to the details of the case, the students understood teaching concepts such as modeling, guiding, and independent practice.

The Self-Organizing School: Chapter 3

The prospect of being able to “…come up with new learning, innovations, solutions to problems, and better ways to address…” our schools needs while avoiding the ongoing and sometimes disruptive “top-down intervention” (as cited in Bain, 2007, p. 43) is an exciting one. I don’t have to think too hard to see that the six... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School: Chapter 2

The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) was probably created with the best of intentions and needed a “NEXT” step. If you have never read thoroughly on KERA, I highly suggest doing so. There’s some highly interesting literature out there. Here’s a link to a literature review (see the .pdf download button on the right) if... Continue Reading →

Instructional Design Approaches

The following was done for a class discussion asking me to discuss selected models of instructional technology leadership, and to create a presentation. [Disclaimer: Moovly does not play certain animations in browsers that are not Firefox. Therefore, this video was taped and uploaded to Youtube so it would play in all browsers.] The SAMR Model... Continue Reading →

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