Question Everything & Integrity – In a COVID-19 World

March 21, 2020 -Since I’m an English teacher and an avid researcher, I tell my classes to “question everything!” I hope that folks will practice that during this time where we have COVID-19 numbers and information thrown at us daily. Among the many lessons during my college experience that I have kept close to me is one that I hope everyone will practice – When you hear a statistic and feel afraid, seek out the reasons for the number. Remember that any statistic has more than one factor associated with it. For example, higher death rates may mean that there are more densely populated areas, aging populations, etc. It’s essential to look at the big picture rather than focusing on fear.

Looking at the big picture also includes using good sense and caution. We need to stay well to protect our healthcare system so that those who do get very sick can get the necessary treatment. We also need to act in integrity and avoid behaviors like hoarding food and supplies. My daughter and I were at Kroger a few days ago and watched a lady step in front of people going for toilet paper to sweep up the last three. As she ran to the checkout line, I noticed one lady’s frantic look on her face. I asked if she had been trying to locate toilet paper because I had some in my trunk if she needed a couple of rolls. I (and my family) will continue to help anyone we can in whatever way we can.

Positive vibes and prayers are going out to everyone everywhere. We are indeed in this together.

For more information and up-to-date maps, you can go to the Johns Hopkins Website. Stay well.

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