WTF: What’s that Food? My Convenient Nutritional Shake

In an attempt to examine some of the foods I have been eating, I came across an issue with a prepackaged nutritional shake that I have been taking to work with me for convenience. The label is packed full of ingredients that I was unfamiliar with. I was shocked at what I found

  • Ingredient 1: water – sounds good, right? Let’s see what else we have.
  • Ingredient 2: my healthy shake was packed with sugar.
  • Ingredient 3: a pesticide-yes! That’s what I said! My shake had a known toxic substance used as a fungicide and pesticide. The name? Cupric (copper) Sulfate. Folks, we don’t want this stuff in our food. It not only can cause gastrointestinal issues but can cause mutations to genes – chew on this bit a minute: a cancer patient is ill and having trouble eating, he or she is fed a nutritional shake with this substance in it. Cancer cells are mutations. How might this introduction of a toxic substance affect the recovery of a patient? I’d wager that it does.
  • Ingredient 4: Corn syrup solids = 100% glucose. That’s sugar. So, we not only have sugar but glucose. While it may be argued that high sugar and glucose levels may increase energy and provide calories, these calories are not of substance. Furthermore, corn syrup in this form has been linked to diabetes.
  • Ingredient 5: Sodium Selenite – classified as dangerous by the Environmental Protection Agency, this substance is also a toxic agent that can cause a host of health issues. It too is in the shake that I have been taking to work for convenience; a shake given to sick people for nutrition. According to the safety sheet, this substance “May affect genetic material based on animal data. May cause adverse reproductive effects and birth defects (teratogenic) based on animal test data. May cause cancer based on animal test data.” This stuff is being put in my nutritional shakes and even baby formula.
  • Chromium Chloride – a toxic substance that may contribute to stomach problems including ulcers and increased bleeding.

The list goes on. These are just a few of the harmful substances that I found during my search to answer What’s that food?. As I moved down the list, the news did not get much better. The shake was full of water, sugar, more sugar, toxic chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and synthetic vitamins. I’m not seeing the benefit to me and especially not to people who use the same nutritional shakes during times of sickness.

Surely, we can do better than this.

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