WTF? Beginning My Research: The Quest For Food

In the aftermath of some research I have been doing on safe, nontoxic foods and food storage, I walked through the local get it all store in a virtual fog. It seemed that suddenly everything I looked at was marked with flashing danger signs. From the packaged fish sticks that look and taste nothing like fish to the preservative and sugar-packed yogurt, I found myself standing and staring, mouth agape.

The truth that I have been finding in my research is that most foods in the marketplace are far from what they originally were (like my husband’s blueberries in his muffins that weren’t blueberries or over-processed, hormone containing dairy products). I’ve become that person that sticks her fingers in her ears and sings loudly when I hear the words, “safe levels.” This phrase is used in reference to normally harmful chemicals in foods for one reason or another. If someone has to add that a normally harmful chemical is in a food, but that it is at safe levels, do I really want that in my mouth (or my daughters)? No way! Either it IS or it ISN’T toxic. It can’t be both.

Something that I am quickly learning is that our food is killing us. We may be dying slowly, but I’m convinced that our American diet of processed foods, fast foods that can last 14 years in a pocket and look like the day you bought it, and especially the pure junk being marketed to children needs to change to avert further damage.

What if it’s true that the foods we are eating are causing the health issues we see around us? From depression and fatigue to cancer, I believe that our conveniently packaged and unsafe foods are at least in part responsible. While on some level I have known that for a long time, I ignored the problems because acknowledgment means that I have to change something.

Let’s consider the ramifications of hormones that are put in dairy cows to increase production or the massive sugars in an on-the-go yogurt. Think about our foods being sprayed with a plethora of pesticides or stored for a year in a preserving substance. Think about those words that you don’t understand when you look at the ingredients on the back of a cereal, oatmeal, or potato chip package. I would ask you to consider it and ask WTF?

Today in my stupor, I learned that my do something attitude meant examining those products that I use most. I learned that my yogurt and several other brands that I inspected are packed with toxic artificial sweeteners, high sugar contents, and/or additives that are in no way milk-based. I learned that the brand of juice that my daughter drinks occasionally is not simply packed full of sugar, but is 2% real fruit juice. Seriously? Yep! When I looked at other brands, I found a range of 0% up to 10 %. Admittedly, there are few authentic choices.

Let’s delve into the issues together. I will even share how our family is working to slowly transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few of the topics that I will be discussing in upcoming blogs:

  • The Skinny on Low-Fat
  • The Low Down on Light Foods
  • Preserve it NOT
  • What Language Does Your Food Speak?
  • Organic: Eating Clean
  • Holy Cow,  What’s In Your Milk?
  • Bread: A Consumer Knead To Know

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