The Widow Maker (excerpt)

Sadie stood there smiling at the man as she offered a mischievous smile followed by polite conversation. Her conversation was always coupled with sexual innuendo as her mother had taught her.  Conversation flowed easily as George had a knack for carrying on conversations with strangers on a daily basis. He tried to stay focused on selling the usual insurance package, but he couldn’t keep his eyes from exploring Sadie’s shape. Her beautifully groomed brown hair flowed over her shoulders and hung on each side of her ample breasts. Her lips were red and full. He found himself trying to control his breathing as she closed the space between them. Tiny sweat beads began dripping down George’s face. He didn’t think he’d seen a woman as beautiful as her since he was in the Navy.  As she shifted in her chair, her dress strap fell down her arm exposing more of her breast.

Sadie noticed his eyes drift to her chest and took a deep breath pushing her breasts forward as she slowly pulled her strap up on her dress, doing it slowly, deliberately. She saw his eyes follow the motion of her arm as she moved the strap. Her smile was inviting. She wondered if he was having sexual fantasies about her. She hoped so. After all, she had plenty of fantasies, but she was taught that a lady never lets on about such things.

“Want to come home with me, George?”  George was visibly shaken, but he agreed quickly and without questioning why a beautiful woman resembling a model would be interested in an overweight, middle-aged man.

As they rode toward the home she’d rented for her to take the men she chose, she studied his large, hairy hands and imagined him running them up between her legs as she considered which method she would use to kill him. She felt the heat rise between her legs and tried to contain it. Rather than hold her excitement back, she let it ripple through her body. Sadie grabbed George’s rough and pulled it deeply between her legs inviting him to feel the heat and wetness. She came before they made it to her house and would do so several more times before she began killing him.

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