Another Ruined Dress (excerpt from Blue Angel)

Blood was dripping down my left arm in long, winding streams.  Pain seared and pulsed. A large burly man lunged at me, a low growl escaping from his throat.  Wish he hadn’t done that. I could actually see the rotting teeth and possibly left over lunch between his teeth.  I hadn’t planned on fighting off anyone or anything this evening especially in my favorite floral dress with tiny silken straps.  Needless to say, the dress was completely ruined.  I was pissed.

John seemed to come out of nowhere.  God, if that man wasn’t married.  Guess my hormones had kicked into overdrive. Fighting did that for me.  Just imagine what I feel like going home after my Tae Kwon Do class.  John leaped forward throwing the man to the ground with a hard grunt.  Muddy clumps with springs of weed and grass clung to his back.  John and rotting teeth man seemed to be connected in the middle. They rolled over and over, finally finding concrete.  The tiny silver knife was knocked away and rotting toothed man’s head flung back onto the concrete.  An unnatural sound came from deep in his throat.  The quiet of the street seemed to close in around me, my ears filling up with it.  My heart seemed to be thumping in my chest too hard.  The streets seemed to be desolate.  It was just our luck that not another soul was present when they were needed.  Thanks, universe.

“Strong pulse. Even breathing.  He’s alright.”  John put his two fingers back on the man’s neck.  He seemed to be concentrating awfully hard for someone who was sure.  Looked to me like he was in doubt about his original prognosis of the man.  “I’d like to kill him for running us off the road.”  He was staring at the stranger with as much disdain as I’d ever seen on his face.  John liked his car. Not for the same reasons other men liked cars.  John had always had a dream of a car that got great gas mileage.  The Honda that got great gas mileage was wrapped around a tree with no hope of rescue.

“Don’t guess he might have insurance?” I said in most inquisitive, innocent voice.  I was trying to make a joke and it wasn’t working. I was used to being funny to myself more than anyone else.  Perhaps I should have let him mourn his beloved car.  Men and their toys!

I pulled my cell phone out of the tiny purse I’d carefully picked out to match my dress.  It was muddy and had small leaves stuck to it.  The purse was as ruined as the dress.  Crap.

The dispatcher sounded bored answering “Hello this is Amanda” before she realized what she was doing.  She quickly corrected with “Jefferson County Police Department.”  I handed the telephone to John so he could give her the details.  The call to the police had been made, the perp was out cold, and I was bleeding more than I thought was good for me.

John let out a long sigh and looked at me with a concerned and curious look.   “Well, who the hell was that?” He raised his voice to not quite a yell.  The concerned look increased in intensity and his voice softened “Looks like such a small thing wouldn’t bleed like that.”

A small puddle seemed to be forming.  “That bastard got me good.” My head was starting to spin.  Little dots were forming, and I was feeling decidedly sick.  The blade had been not so much inserted as it was twisted in.  It had been the tiniest, most harmless looking thing I’d ever seen in my life.  At the time, I hadn’t even thought it that important to avoid the thing.  Maybe I should have disarmed the guy first.  Next time, I will make sure I pay more attention to small details.  That was my last thought before I passed out.

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