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Instructional Design Project

The following Prezi presentation is intended to reflect an instructional design plan to address the professional learning needs of a target audience related to a specific work context. An instructional design model was chosen and used with a work ecology,... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School: Chapter 4

Although all cases were of interest, I found the second case to be the most interesting deconstructed case. The second case was a transformation-oriented case which is always of interest to me. The title also happened to catch my eye.... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School: Chapter 3

The prospect of being able to “…come up with new learning, innovations, solutions to problems, and better ways to address…” our schools needs while avoiding the ongoing and sometimes disruptive “top-down intervention” (as cited in Bain, 2007, p. 43) is... Continue Reading →

The Self-Organizing School: Chapter 2

The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) was probably created with the best of intentions and needed a “NEXT” step. If you have never read thoroughly on KERA, I highly suggest doing so. There’s some highly interesting literature out there. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Instructional Design Approaches

The following was done for a class discussion asking me to discuss selected models of instructional technology leadership, and to create a presentation. [Disclaimer: Moovly does not play certain animations in browsers that are not Firefox. Therefore, this video was... Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality

The following website has a decent definition of augmented reality: I have to introduce my post with this quick life tidbit. To begin my lesson on Augmented Reality (AR), I sat down at my computer with my daughter Isabella... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Education Technology

I was asked to read the following presentation (Click here or download it at the end of this document), and I was asked to identify key elements I see as vital to my definition of Instructional Technology Leadership. I hope... Continue Reading →

Information Ecologies: Chapter 9

In Nardi and O’Day’s (1999) Chapter 9 discussion, they discuss cultivating “gardeners”. I can’t help but immediately comment that while I may not have seen metaphorical fireworks when the authors used “system” in Chapter 3, their use of “gardener” was... Continue Reading →

Information Ecologies by Nardi & O’Day:

Chapter 3: A Matter of Metaphor: Technology as Tool, Text, System, and Ecology includes: The following video presentation of the PowerPoint related to Chapter 3 in Information Ecologies was a joint effort: 2. The PowerPoint (with notes at the... Continue Reading →

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